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What Are You Experiencing With This Work?

What Are You Experiencing With This Work?

Kuthumi: It is one thing to travel inter-dimensionally in the sleep state. Many of you do this and are not conscious of it. It is quite another to participate in multidimensional realms simultaneously, consciously and be able to create in the physical realm from those templates.
At this juncture those experiences are not easily translated into a language. At the Fall of Consciousness the Language of Light was no longer available. That Language has yet to be re-engaged. It cannot be re-engaged as long as certain portions of the collective consciousness on Earth are still operating from a third, fourth and lower fifth dimensional state of consciousness. 

It will still be very challenging for those who are on a very precise path of raising the consciousness to accommodate fifth, sixth, seventh, and so on, dimensions. It will still be very challenging to be able to, using language, explain or teach what they know or what they have experienced. And this can be very frustrating. This is another thing I desire to have the students understand. Yes they have put forth great effort in their transformational process here but they have outside influences that affect them often and affect their ability to communicate what they know.

Jim: A very good message to reiterate would be: Just because you’re opening up and having more conscious awareness does not mean it will translate easily.

Kuthumi: Yes. All of the Master Realm and all of the Archangelics who are engaged in this project with you do not want these students to fall by the wayside through fear or confusion or thinking that all of this time and energy has been spent and they are not seeing the results they think they should see. It is not the case. Their Soul is evolving. Their Soul is very present within them. Continue to nurture that presence and trust and allow that what is happening in their outside world does not have to affect what is happening in their internal journey. Understand that Archangel Uriel is very much present for them for this interior journey into their Divine Essence.

Jim: Some have a sense they are beginning to have a foot in different realities but they seem to still want to lean back on the foot in the third dimension. They don’t have enough new reference points yet to be able to make the shift thoughtfully, intentionally.

Kuthumi: Correct. That also is inhibiting them because of the nature of the collective consciousness and the energetics that are still connected to the total removal of a third dimensional energetic functioning. Until that is totally disengaged and removed, there are always those possibilities that will trigger them into states of frustration.

Jim: Yes. I think there’s a linear belief that’s held, consciously and/or unconsciously, that says: ‘Well, I’ll merge the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and then I’ll turn into a ball of Light. Then I’ll just go about my next step and everything will be perfect and wonderful.’ I think there’s not a maturity yet (Kuthumi agrees) that recognizes that’s a progression that will happen but may not happen on some short-term, linear timetable.

Kuthumi: No. No. Those are third dimensional, very dense, carbon-based realities. It is not part of their Soul desire. Their Soul desire is to experience life in form from a very elevated consciousness. It can be very frustrating at times (Jim agrees) when they are not seeing what they imagine that they should be seeing through a linear perspective. That linear consciousness has not totally been demolished in the collective. They are affected by that.

Jim: Yes. I understand. Well, I can begin the class around this topic and then you can expand on it plus talk about the eighth, and ninth, chakras. Would that work for you?

Kuthumi: Yes. That is an excellent way to solidify all of these components that I have been teaching in the last several weeks and bring it more into a focus that is helpful for them to hold the consciousness that they have worked so diligently to create.

This is an excerpt from an early conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration the Level 3 course unfolded.

Next Monday: What Jim experienced years ago with this early work


I totally agree with this. I feel very frustrated not to be able to manifest my real nature nor being able to formulate or transmit what I perceive or feel about these experience, in a satisfying way, to others. The paradoxe is that I feel I am here for that, and even though I realize that much more maturity is requested, I still feel like I've been putting a brake on. I need help to get the vision of the structure allowing the manifestation my soul desires, since I am not able yet to perceive it clearly. It seems that I still keep much anger and sadness about the experience regarding the fall of consciousness. With the unravel of multiple veils, this became more actual for me, and I also recognized the very naive view I used to keep about this process of « ascension ». Multiple levels of illusions broke down and I felt lots of confusion and depression, telling myself that all my work and search was finally vain (I’m 66). So guess what ? I got caught in the collective low consciousness. Keeping a stable level of intention and consciousness in the midst of unworthyness programs clearing away yet melting with the collectives ones, can be very challenging... It is the Mastering Alchemy program that brought me back to life. So thank you very much for this acknowledgement… it was kind of a personal message !... And yes, practice is all that counts.