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What is the Course the Teachers of Light Created?

What is the Course the Teachers of Light Created?

In a conversation I once had with Archangel Metatron, he told me that he, and other Teachers of Light, would like to create a unique pathway upon which no human has walked. Ever. He said this pathway would be an experiment, and the participants (you) are the subjects of the experiment. 

He explained that this pathway would allow each individual the opportunity to become fully conscious in his or her personal evolution and ascension. This pathway would provide all of humanity existing in the third dimension with an opportunity to know themselves as fifth- and multidimensional beings of Light. Simultaneously humanity would assist in returning the Earth to its intended state of being.

Then Metatron asked, “Will you join us in creating this pathway”?

Imagine yourself sitting in the presence of a great being of Light and being asked this question. How would you respond? I was stunned, then immediately overwhelmed, scared and shocked. I felt small. I wanted to step forward and say “Yes” but needed to run away. All these thoughts and emotions occurred within one split second.

“Why would you ask me?” I replied.

Metatron answered, “Because we are you and you are we. Here in the nonphysical we know all of the possibilities and probabilities of what is possible. The creation of the third dimension and the Fall of Consciousness are creations of physicality that can only be recreated or changed within the physical. It is you and humanity who are the spirits having a physical experience. You have the physical form. We do not. It is only you, in human form, who can change the experiences of the third dimension and what the Fall created.”

It was then that a strange but wonderful awareness began to unfold: a calm certainty; a knowing; a sense of presence. There was no doubt or fear but instead a sense of self that I had experienced during fleeting moments of my life as passion, purpose and excitement. These were experiences and understandings that had often been pushed aside by the external world’s demands.

I looked at Metatron and we smiled. The journey began.

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