Who are the Teachers of Light? Part 1 | Mastering Alchemy

Who are the Teachers of Light? Part 1

Who are the Teachers of Light? Part 1

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend

There exists a sacred place known as the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond, a place where you can connect with Creator (the source of all creation) and All That Is (all the creations of Creator). Within the Sanctuary there is a table where you can meet, create and communicate with the Teachers of Light. This table is your table, in your Sanctuary. It is a place of great reverence. The only thing that prevents you from sitting at this table is your attention held upon the noise, fear and doubts of the third-dimension reality outside of you.

The Teachers of Light (also known as the Elders) have guided this project: this book and course. The Teachers of Light work together as a collective to unravel the Fall of Consciousness and realign the Earth back into its original twelfth-dimensional state. They work together to uplift humanity into a fully consciousness state of alignment with All That Is. 

During the years I’ve spent with these great beings, their personalities, intentions and commitment to humanity unfolded. Although it is possible to research each of their names and read about what others know of them and experience with them, the way you will experience the Elders is unique to you. The Teachers suggest you refrain from researching and simply feel and get to know them as they are introduced in this book. You’ll have a more authentic and personal experience if you do. 

According to some schools of thought, specific colours, tones, rays, appearances, past lives, locations and job descriptions belong to each Archangel, Ascended Master or Teacher. A handy, well-organized spreadsheet listing such associations would indeed make it very easy and comfortable for the rational mind to fit the material into its conditioned boxes of understanding. Before I met the Teachers, I too wanted a tidy spreadsheet of colours, words and sounds. When I asked for this, the Teachers smiled. They then offered a pathway full of knowledge, wisdom and insight. What they give to humanity encompasses much, much more than what has been described in the Talmud, Christian Gnostic texts, New-Age books and the Internet.

A common agreement between all of the Teachers is their commitment to noninterference. Just like the Prime Directive of the United Federation of Planets in Star Trek, this guiding principle prevents the Teachers of Light (and starship crews) from using their superior powers and wisdom to impose their own values or ideals on humans (and less evolved civilizations). The Teachers have agreed to refrain from telling us humans what to do and only rarely make suggestions. Fortunately, they do have the unique and powerful ability to patiently show us an image, turn of phrase or concept that, if we are paying attention, can direct us to what our next steps are. They are very, very patient and will repeat a concept or tool several times until we finally “get” it. Amusement (with humans) is a common trait they all have, which is fortunate for them and for us. Their amusement keeps us all moving forward together in this project.

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Meeting the Teachers of Light
The following are my experiences and understandings of a few of the Teachers of Light who have participated in this project. The descriptions are meant to be simple introductions; the Teachers are much more than this. Your relationship with the Teachers will be uniquely yours and will continue to grow and evolve as you do.

This is an excerpt from the interactive book, A Course in Mastering Alchemy - The Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend. Released February 13, 2018.

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