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Your Higher Dimensional Chakra System

Your Higher Dimensional Chakra System

Greetings!  It is I, Kuthumi.  I’m very honored to be here with you today to present to you this body of work that was gifted to us by the Godhead – the Higher Realms of Creation. We in the archangelic realms were not expecting you to be so prepared, this early in our project to receive this energetic.  It is a gift and a dispensation that has been granted to the Earth plane at this time, and it will enhance your ability to use the Rays in a very precise way. You are important and this event is remarkable.

The Triads will enable you to maintain levels of consciousness and interface those higher levels of consciousness within your physical form.  You are co-creating an environment to bring physical form into an entirely elevated state of being.  You are creating the mechanism by which the density and rigidity that holds humanity in bonds can be dismissed, and yet the physical experience can be maintained in fluid, harmonious states.

All of you have studied long enough, done various modalities of healing and are very aware of your chakra system. My intention today is to bring a new focus into your awareness concerning your higher dimensional chakra system.  You’re still going to maintain the use of those first three chakras you know of because they are important to you as a being who is embodied in a physical structure.
The three Triads are designed to allow you to operate in the physical form – all the while maintaining the high state of awareness in which you have begun to know is available.  To do that, we must activate these these three Triad centers. It is the platform from which everything is based.  The first Triad sets up a vibratory level that allows you to expand your awareness of your Heart and your Sacred Heart.  It brings into play your throat chakra, where you are able to speak and to create – not only from the status of your personal will, but with the Unity and Will of Creator.

What these centers are designed to do is to take Light Energy – Light Frequencies from the Higher Realms – from Source, and begin to use them in such a way as they begin to actually affect the way in which your thought system performs and is engaged.

There will no longer be great variance in your experience if you will use this tool. You will not have the emotional highs, the emotional lows. You will resonate in the Unified Field in a very real way in your physical body.  It will open your physicality to a state of unlimited potential that is not available until this field is used and integrated.

This tool cannot be integrated fully into all parts of you without some attention.  It is not a magic wand.  It takes your Intention and your attention to integrate it and to make it useable.  You cannot access it occasionally and fully integrate it – once a week, once a month, whenever it crosses your mind.  You must develop a regular, daily discipline at first to set the energy and to open the physicality to the field.  Once you have done that, it requires very little of your energy to activate it and to immerse yourself in it.  This tool opens a realm of unlimited potential and application that is not available without it, because you still have your physicality.

These Triads will allow you to not only be part of that expansion of human consciousness into the fifth dimension, but you are leading it, you are demonstrating it.  And, consequently, the vibrational capacity that you hold, and will hold, because of these Triads, will be remarkable in terms of the evolution of all of mass consciousness. Although they have a great deal of importance, as we play with them, they are just another aspect of this path that we’re walking, this evolutionary path that we’re playing upon. The path to the Lightbody.

This is a transcript from a live Mastering Alchemy conference.



Will we be working with these triads during are sessions in level 2?