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English Articles

Ascension SymptomsAscension Symptoms As we move through the Shift, changes are happening within our bodies. We are altering how we see the world around us, and increasing our body's ability to hold Light. As we alter the electromagnetic frequencies in our physical and emotional bodies, many of us are beginning to think differently about ourselves. Depending on how we hold resistance in our body, and where we argue for our limitations, we will experience physical and emotional symptoms from time to time.
These are known as "Ascension Symptoms." Seeking the advice of a professional is always a wise thing to do when one is unsure or concerned or needs information.However, do not be surprised if, after a number of visits, your physician or health practitioner tells you, “I can’t find anything wrong.”

What's the Difference Between Your Higher Self and Your Soul?In almost every free or PathWays webinar we offer, someone will ask the question: What's the difference between my Higher Self and my Soul?
It's a really a great question that all of us have asked in one way or another. In our spiritual journey we each are exposed to many terms; some easily understood, others confusing, and still others that are seemingly contradictory. I hope this little article will help clarify things for you. Of course, this is my observation and opinion. Please don't believe me. See if what you read resonates with you. You are the only one that matters here.
Miracle StoriesMiracles are all around us. All we have to do is open to the possibility that miracles not only exist, but with the right tools and mindset, we ourselves are capable of creating them.
Campus Lockdown
Something happened this afternoon that I just had to share with you. I am a teacher at an elementary school. This afternoon, we had a crisis situation, our first. Our kids were just dismissed and were getting on busses and in cars when the word came that there was a suicidal gun man in the area. We focused on the kids, cleared the 
campus and then went into lockdown mode ourselves. Cops were everywhere but still...
Is Your Transition Controlling You? Or Are You Controlling Your Transition?The primary objective of any transition (whether it is a deliberate transition or one that steps into your life) is to accomplish your goal with as little stress and emotional, mental or physical upheaval as possible. The secondary objective is to leverage it in order to become a better, more whole, mature and masterful person. Career change? Re-entering the job market? Recovering from a loss? Moving your office or home?
Regardless of what your transition is, these common key strategies will make it easier:

Are You Losing Your Friends?Dear Jim and Roxane,
I am in Level 2 and love it and everything that I am learning with you. I also attended 10-10-10. How great was that! Anyway, I have been applying your tools and information in my daily life, and I need some help with something.
I have two Christian sisters who don’t understand who I am. I love them dearly and respect their paths. I’ve never spoken to them about my spiritual direction and beliefs. I mind my own business and don’t want to challenge them.

Shoot, Ready, Aim Vs. Observe, Choose, Act
Have you ever sent an email and the moment you clicked on send; you realized it wasn't really what you meant to say and you may have just created a mess? Welcome to the world of Shoot, Ready, Aim. It shows up in all areas of of life, relationship, business, health... everywhere. It is an awkward way to live your life and you can choose otherwise...
How did that happen (again)? 
Choose AgainDennis and Clyde are brothers, less than a year apart. Their parents were self-employed professionals who spent a great deal of time away from home and away from their growing sons. Dennis chose to blame his "neglectful" parents for virtually all of his adult problems, which included alcoholism and divorce. Clyde, on the other hand, chose to view his parents' busy life and absence as passion for their creation and became a very successful non-profit business owner and attentive father of two.