Essential Energy Tools

Part 1 - Stablizing the Flow

Here are some free Energy Tools for you to play with. If you practice them often you will find them really useful in helping you maintain your center and your own space. You can also read what some other students have to say about their own experiences with these tools.

To lisen to each track, click on the link title at the bottom of the page.

Track 1 (5:57) — Intro to tools to manage electrical shifts and energies being purged. Putting structure in place to open the wiring. Shifts in DNA, wiring, and memory. Make it Playful and Fun.

Track 2 (9:16) — Remembering and seeing the picture of a Red Rose. Playing with clairvoyance. Grounding Tool. Original eight immortal cells at the tip of the spine. Commanding the Grounding to Turn On.

Track 3 (5:25) — Tool of Center of the Head. Looking out from behind the eyes. Giving up your truth. Effects of giving up your seniority. Clearing someone else’s truth from your space.

Track 4(24:10) — Energy channels of the body. Running Earth Energy up the leg channels down the Grounding Line. Bring Light down column into head and channels down back. Front channels running up front of body. Out the crown to fill aura. Channels running down arms and out palms. Open the wiring to allow more Light.

Track 5 (4:09) — Say Hello to the Creator. Bring Light of the Creator’s Energy into the body. Collect it in a Sun. Fill with validation. Breathe eyes open. We will play with and add to these tools over the next four weeks.

Track 6 (11:20) — Answers to questions (not recorded), separated by a soft tone.

1& 2 – Opening feet and hand chakras.
3 –Running energy in channels and releasing blockages.
4 –The Shift. The in-breath and moving into full awareness.
5 & 6 – Grounding Tool.
7 – Releasing uncomfortable vibrations.

“Dear Jim, During Thursday's class, I could feel the intense energy being sent. As you say, we need to be able to channel this energy so it can then be used to help move us through the shift which is occurring. I've been meditating with a guru for years, doing yoga, etc., but find your exciting message has such practical tools which seem to go beyond just sitting at the feet of a "holy" person. Your MA message is self-empowering and totally compelling. I look forward to the seminar.” - Gwen M., Florida.