Essential Energy Tools

Part 2 - The Chakras are the Barometer of the Body

Each chakra has a purpose. Learn the role of the first three chakras and how you can adjust them to optimize your power.

To listen to each track, click on the titled link at the bottom of this page.

Track 1 (2:00) — What we will do tonight. There is no limit to the amount of Light you can allow into the bodies. Physical results of releasing the energy of others from your space.

Track 2 (7:44) — Call yourself back from your day. Center of Your Head and people who have placed themselves there. Grounding. (Eight seconds of silence at end.)

Track 3 (17:41) — Grounding the ovaries, if you have a female body. Open feet chakras by 20% and draw up Earth energy through leg channels. Bring Cosmic energy into body and arm channels. The benefit of active vs passive meditation – clearing limiting patterns and energy. If going unconscious – breathe eyes open. Running energy 24/7.

Track 4 (7:56) — Purpose of the first chakra. The Genetic Entity. Free Will. If you are not safe, you have no permission. Adjusting the first chakra to 10% open. The cord connecting a child with Mom. Puberty. Others’ fear and control in your space. Neutralize the charge within the body. This work is beginning to bring you out of unconsciousness.

Track 5 (8:10) — Purpose of the second chakra. Adjust to 10% open. Matching others’ energy in order to feel safe, liked, etc. What happens when we mis-file information within the chakras.

Track 6 (7:12) — Adjust the third chakra. 75% for females, 50% for males. Purpose of the third chakra. Power,control, judgment, resistance, competition and advantage. The baby-making equipment. Be happy – as a thought or as a feeling? Learn how to manage your energy so you may direct your attention into your intentions. Check in with first and second chakras and adjust. Fill up with gold. Become conscious in the Center of Your Head. Aware of the room. Breathe eyes open. Thank you, Blessings.

“Jim, Using the tools from our call has created quite a shift in my interactions, especially with clients. Whew-eee, my communications are much clearer and to the point. A lot less discursive too. I have been using the grounding rod and bringing energy up through the soles of my feet plus light coming down through the crown. Thank you for this gift.” ~ Mary V., California.