Essential Energy Tools

Part 3 - A Tool That Defines Where You Start and Stop

You will want to practice this important often to help you maintain your center and your own space.

To listen to each track, click on the titled link below.

Track 1 (1:46) — Purpose of creating space with energy field. Reconnecting the wiring. Quietly knowing yourself.

Track 2 (16:15) — Meditation and review of tools.

Track 3 (7:45) — New tool - Protection Rose. About the aura. Forgetting your internal guidance system and moving away from yourself. Octahedron as antenna. Being affected by others’ thoughts and emotions. Reclaiming your space.

Track 4 (8:44) — The Rose.

Track 5 (12:58) — Staying on your side of the Rose. Playing with the rose when interacting with others. When the rose does not work as well. Creating reactionary states. New weekends.

“Jim - Just wanted you to know I thought tonight's session was wonderful and quite helpful. It worked for me to picture the rose around my aura while thinking of someone I had a difficult time with this week. Suddenly, I felt able to be the witness, rather than pulled into the drama. Also I LOVED what you said about everything outside my field is Shakespearean theater for my entertainment. That resonates with every part of my being. Thanks so much!” ~ M.D., Florida.