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The Power of the Icosahedron

The Power of the Icosahedron

Uriel: I am here today to put into play parts of what we discussed in the last class. There is another piece that I wish to anchor into this teaching. In the last class you did an excellent job of leading the students into the tenth Ray of Creation and into that space of unlimited potential. You anchored it within the physicality which is very necessary. We do not want to have difficulties in this transition from the non-physical into the physical. Therefore it is very important in this work now that an anchoring is established. Can you see that?

Jim: Oh yes, I can.

Uriel: From that space and from that state of being it is now about negotiating and creating a pathway into the physical realm that is very usable. First we will be negotiating more of a thought process than an actual physical manifestation. We will enter that non-physical, expanded state of consciousness and begin to bring it into existence in the physical realm. We will work with the icosahedron because of the variations and the complexities that are available with that particular geometry. It is composed of other basic geometries, such as the triangle, that are very useful in the physicality. We will continually simplify it to make it very usable in the physicality and in the body.

This is where we desire to begin. Then we will leave it after the next session and afford Master Kuthumi the opportunity to bring in some other aspects that will help anchor it further in the body. Are there any comments or questions that you wish to make at this time?

Jim: Do you want to talk about how you would like to proceed with that or what you would like me to do in that context?

Uriel: That would be very helpful since you will be doing most of this teaching. First of all, we need to have them anchor into the physical body with the awareness of the full range of what is available within that body, in the way of energetic components. Then allow them to very easily shift their attention from that physical anchoring into the Soul and into the expansiveness of the non-physical realm of the tenth Ray. They do this being fully aware of the many energetics that are within that Ray and the sound templates that are also present. It is a mixture of unlimited potential that has all aspects of Creation available. Then the students can begin to draw the energies, Light frequencies and sound frequencies from that Ray to bring them into a more usable configuration. To do that, they must intend for those energetics to be drawn and magnetized into the configuration of the icosahedron. There is a magnification within that geometry that has the ability to begin to draw into it the Light and sound templates from the tenth Ray. This begins to make them very usable in the physical state.

It is through the magnetics within that icosahedron that those energetics are drawn and begin to be shaped into a usable configuration. Can you understand or begin to see that?

Jim: I can see that. That magnetism looks to me as if its different than the magnetics we have been generally dealing with.

Uriel: Correct. Not all, but some Platonic Solids draw these energetics from the non-physical realms of Creation and make them usable for the manifestation into physical. These magnetics are different than the magnetics that are contained in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions because those magnetics have a resonance to the electromagnetic field of the Earth at this time.

However, in order to manifest at the level of fourth or fifth dimension the magnetics of those dimensions have to match those of the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions. There is absolutely no such resonance within third dimension. Therefore it is not even a possibility to bring those magnetics into the third dimension. The polarization of the electromagnetic currents prohibits it. It annihilates the configuration of the magnetics of the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions.

Jim: I can see that.

Uriel: We will use the icosahedron because the icosahedron has a set of magnetics that helps facilitate that compatibility. It can draw those refined magnetics from the non-physical realm. It also has the ability to create an easier transition; smoothing out the electromagnetic fields that hold fourth and fifth dimension in play.

This is part of a conversation between Jim Self and Archangel Uriel as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Uriel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.