The Seven Layers of Thought | Mastering Alchemy

It's not so much about How you think or What you think. It's much more about Where you think. More specifically, what layer of thought you think within. In each layer of thought, thought is thought differently. When you become aware of how you think in each layer, your life gets much quieter and what you think comes to you. Effortlessly.

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  1. Can you clarify the words some assembly required.  Do you mean will, force and determination?
  2. What are the first and second Layers of Thought?
  3. Would love to do some further training, not sure where I would benefit.  This was fabulous.
  4. I’ve heard references to getting in and out of the sleep space in a specific beneficial way.  Can you please explain that more?
  5. I noticed that my breathing slowed down during the meditation.  Can you achieve the higher levels of Thought by slowing the rate of your breathing?
  6. Does it matter how far ahead I set my intentions?
  7. I have a tendency to fall asleep during the meditations.  Am I too quiet?
  8. How do you experience us as you are watching us? Is it in color or sound?

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Lecture (26:52)
Meditation (41:58)
Question & Answer (29:55)
Complete Call (01:38:43)