A Different Type of Kundalini, Part One | Mastering Alchemy

Kuthumi: Greetings. It is I, Kuthumi. Many possibilities are on the horizon that you will see become manifest within the next year. It is very exciting for we Masters and of course to the Archangelic Realm, to be participating with you and to be engaging students to change the functioning of their physical energetics. We will expand the consciousness and make more viable that merged mental, emotional and physical body.

In this next class we desire for you to continue in the same venue as the last session that you orchestrated. The only difference being that we want to bring in some of the concepts around Kundalini energy. Some of the students are very familiar with this energy and because of the energetics that were put in place last session, will already be seeing the effects of a reawakening in the Kundalini energy within their body.

But this Kundalini energy that is stirring because of the energetics that have been put into place is different than what has been experienced previously. There will not be the highs and lows or the electrical jolts that some have experienced. It will be very much a smooth flow of energy and will be in perfect resonance with the Unified Field that you have created already.

As this Kundalini energy begins to make its presence known within the body, it also begins to unify with the spinning Unified Field in a very easy, harmonious, smooth way. It circulates throughout the interior realms of the body, around and through the chakras … all the way to the ninth chakra. It starts in the root chakra however the stirring of that is stimulated through the tenth Ray of Creation and the magnetic energy that is drawn from the Earth Star.

I say that because it is the magnetics and the energetic components of that Earth Star that are more in resonance with the higher dimensional fields. Not only fifth dimension but sixth and seventh dimensions too. It is those energetics and the energetics of the ninth and tenth Rays that have been introduced into the body and into the chakra system through the work you have been doing. It is through that tenth Ray that those magnetics are drawn out of the Earth Star and into the Earth and into the physical body itself.

That Kundalini energy is stimulated through those magnetics. It begins to really flow very harmoniously and easily as it circles and vibrates. It is merged into the Unified Field and carried all the way into the ninth chakra where it is met and welcomed by the Lords of Light, the Elohim, and all of the Godhead presence that is available now. Questions?

Next Monday: A Different Type of Kundalini, Part Two

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Uriel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.