A Different Type of Kundalini, Part Two | Mastering Alchemy

Jim: Yes, Kuthumi I have a question. I’m watching that energy come up from the Earth Star and begin to spin through the Unified Field. It’s very slow but each aspect of the spiral has very complex possibilities attached to it. What’s the complexity that I’m looking at?

Kuthumi: You are looking at the energetic potentials that are held within the tenth Ray. They are playing through the magnetics into the physicality. There is unlimited potential interwoven into the realm of the physicality. It is interwoven through the Unified Field, through the chakra system and through the movement of the Kundalini energy. That Kundalini energy is saturated through the magnetics and saturated in the Light frequencies of the tenth Ray.

Jim: Yes and when I identify one ‘potentiality’ on this spiral, it’s intelligent and it’s very deep. It’s almost as if I can begin to enter into different universes through that one point. It has a whole guidance system, a wisdom, a fullness to it within the potentiality. And all other potentialities revolve around that potentiality.

Kuthumi: Yes. This is now all available on every level of your being. All dimensions, all realities, all universes are present within that awareness. The presence of the Holy Spirit was engaged at a much different level in the last class we held together. There was a merging of the energy of the Holy Spirit and the El Shaddai that provided a very real anchoring within what is termed the ‘Rod of Power’. The Rod of Power runs from above the eighth chakra through the body, down through the root chakra, into that Earth Star. You are bringing in a wide gamut of energies from the non-physical as well as the physical. You are bringing in energies through the Earth Star that are in complete harmony and resonance with the original schematic of creation.

This is a massive consciousness that is now available to you that was not available before the introduction of those merged energies from the All That Is.

Jim: Yes. I can feel it.

Kuthumi: For the next class I wish for you to lay in some foundational pieces about the Kundalini energy and encourage the students who have experienced that energy in previous times not to be swayed off course by their previous experience. That previous experience was necessary for them to reach the energetic status that they now find themselves in. It is important to be willing to go beyond any frame of reference and allow the Kundalini energy to be guided by the consciousness and the energetics that have been set in place over the last several months. Allow it to, shall we say, “amp up” and be in resonance in a very smooth way with those energetics that are stimulated directly from the Godhead, the magnetic field and that unlimited potential of the ninth and tenth Rays. Not only are the students engaging that now, they are bringing that consciousness into the fuller functioning of the Kundalini energy.

Jim: Yes. I can see that.

Kuthumi: This next class will be a working session to experience the complete unification of the Unified Field that engages the lower chakras at a much different vibratory rate as well as engaging a consciousness into the physical body that was not present previously.  If they pay attention, the students will begin to notice it is not a conscious choice from reaction into a more resonant choice of thought or emotion anymore. With all of these energetics in play, it happens simultaneously. There is not a direct choice of a feeling that is more positive or negative. ‘I could think this’ or ‘I could feel this.’  The energetics have shifted tremendously. What is available are only those feelings and thoughts that are resonant within a fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional realm. It is not so much about choosing and choice anymore. It happens automatically.

Jim: It’s a flow.

Kuthumi: Yes. You will notice more and more of this as this Kundalini energy moves very, very easily throughout the system.

Jim: There’s got to be a greater inter-merging of the Soul in this process.

Kuthumi: Yes. Oh, absolutely. This is because more of your Soul is present. The Soul is a more viable part of your functioning in the physical world. The ego now, has taken its rightful place and is very anchored in the first three chakras. It is helping in the creative process, the body and the ability to use personal power within the creation. The Soul has taken the role which it was intended to take at the beginning of creation. It has returned to being the dominant, energetic force that creates.

Jim: Yes. This is really great. I can feel this in my body.

Kuthumi: As the students begin to experience what you are experiencing, practice and make that a very solid part of themselves, they will be big anchors and facilitators in what we desire to accomplish when we meet at the next in-person gathering. They will have that energetic viability moving within and around their bodies. They will provide the anchoring, through the Earth Star into Mother Earth who is in great transition now.

Are there any further questions or comments?

Jim: No. I’m very pleased to do this.

Kuthumi: I will withdraw now. Blessings.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Uriel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.