Experience Your Unified Field, Part One | Mastering Alchemy

Kuthumi: Greetings, It is I, Kuthumi. When we had you open up that Soul Star and begin to draw it into the body, it became very usable as well as very expansive. The emotional body began to key into that. The expansiveness of that emotional body was already in progress before the last two sessions. Much, much before that. So, this needs to be said. It may not necessarily be understood. You have taken very specific steps to arrive at this point. Awareness needs to be opened up even more about how each student and you created the state of consciousness that you now find yourself in. You created that through the direction and guidance of the Angelic Realm, who are Masters of energetics.

Now it is my job to make it more usable within the body. My job is to assist the body in using these energetics more easily. Then we begin to merge the body and the consciousness. We begin to open up more of the emotional body and make it very usable and compatible with the physicality. Archangel Uriel encouraged you in the last two sessions: to begin to feel the energies, the magnetics and that drawing in. Uriel encouraged you to know that the icosahedron is now in your field. It is drawing these magnetics to the body in a more usable way and beginning to use the magnetics in that spinning first Triad.

Where I think it would be helpful for the body to accommodate more of these magnetics is to work with that first Triad and to work with the physical body. It would also be helpful to work with the emotional body and be aware of how the mental and emotional bodies are very, very merged in this space, along with the physical body.

To do that I would encourage movement within the physicality. As you probably remember from years ago in your teachings: you could hold your hands out in front of your body in a cupping way and have them approximately six inches apart. Then begin to draw the energy and feel the energy between the palms of your hands. Do you remember that little exercise?

Jim: Yes. Very much.

Kuthumi: This is going to be a very useful exercise to become more aware of how that works in the body. You can begin to expand the energies: putting the hands closer and then drawing them out a couple of feet and bringing them back closer together. You will begin to feel the energies within the body. Then begin to move the hands in front of you and around you and visualize the spinning of your Unified Field that is around and within you as you engage the first Triad. In that spinning of the field around you – where the icosahedron is located – it begins to draw in these magnetics. As you move your body in a circular fashion, along with your hands you are circulating that energy within the field that is around the body. You are breathing it in and feeling it connect with the interior energy that is spinning within you and within that first Triad. It is in that movement that you begin to feel the energies around and within the body.

As you do that movement you engage your emotional body to feel. You use that emotional body in that circular movement and you feel the magnetics that are being drawn from the tenth Ray, through the icosahedron and into the body. You are expanding the feeling capacity of your emotional body being very, very focused in your intention and in what is occurring. Thus, your mental body is fully engaged along with your emotional and physical bodies. As you are moving these energies and as you are moving your body, all is engaged and working together. You are drawing and experiencing the magnetics of the tenth Ray of Creation. Can you see this or feel it?

Jim: Yes. Both. Yes.

Kuthumi: Can you feel what appears to be an exterior exercise becoming very much on the interior as well?

Jim: Yeah. I’m moving it in and out of the body.

Kuthumi: Yes. Yes. You are experiencing the Unified Field which is very enhanced by the magnetics of the tenth Ray. The mental, emotional and physical bodies are also being very enhanced by those energetics as they are felt and drawn to all parts of you. Every body, every part of your being, is vibrating within that Unified Field at a very high vibratory rate because of the presence of these very unique magnetics. The vibrations that are felt as you do this little exercise are very dynamic and they have not been experienced in that way previously. It is not about breathing faster. It is not about moving faster. The movement is very slow as you feel the energetics. The vibrations are enhanced and increased by the presence of the magnetics within the Unified Field that is created and very stably held through the first Triad. Questions?

Jim: No, I’m following you pretty clearly. I’m moving with you as you’re talking. I’m watching this set of motions.

Kuthumi: Yes. It can create a very blissful state as you move and you focus. You are very, very focused in your mental body, although your mental body is not engaged in the same way it would be engaged in a third, fourth or fifth dimensional way. It is engaged and very focused as is your emotional body. They are working together. All three bodies are working in unison in a Unified Field, which stabilizes the magnetics in the body.

Jim: There are colors that begin to move with it. It’s like watching a very poetic dance as this energy goes in and out. Very nice.

Kuthumi: Yes. As you are engaging in this movement and you begin to draw in those colors there is an unlimited space that you enter; a creative space that has no limits. There is a feeling of euphoria. It is not happiness. It is not any type of emotional response that you would have in the third, fourth or fifth dimension. There is an exhilaration. There are no limits. There are many possibilities. You are very, very engaged in the energies of it and in the vibrations. You can increase those vibrations that enhance the potential of your creation.

As you begin to work with these vibrations that you have created within the body, you can begin to then use the second Ray to step them into more constructive environments such as the cube or even the icosahedron for more complex creations. You can begin to guide these vibrations and these energies into denser environments that begin to manifest in your daily life experience.

Jim: I can see that.

Next Monday: Experience Your Unified Field, Part Two

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Uriel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.