Experience Your Unified Field, Part Two | Mastering Alchemy

Kuthumi: This little exercise is key in the merging of the Unified Field. I would wish for the students to play with this and experience it before we go into some of the complexities about drawing the energies out of the second Ray. That is where these radiations of color come in that you are seeing. You are seeing the fractals of Light that had no composition yet were very organized.

This is where the Unified Field is so valuable. It can provide the structure without hindering the unlimitedness of the creative possibility. It is through that structure that those energies then are compressed and brought into a denser form to be manifested. What are you now experiencing with this exercise?

Jim:  As I’m doing this there is a slight spacey feeling in my body. I’m watching fractals and a motion unfolding. The colors are very present. Is that spaciness the non-compression in the Unified Field, where the flow is much more fluid?

Kuthumi: Yes. You have not yet engaged all of that color coding and the focus through the second Ray which would bring it into a more solid environment. You are still in the environment that is very much an energetic environment. It is not yet tangible from a physical perspective. It takes great focus through the mental body. It takes not engaging in rational thought or thoughts that create that static electrical charge. It takes allowing the magnetic field to enhance the focus of the mental body along with that expanded feeling in the emotional body.  What you are feeling is what I had said earlier about that feeling almost being euphoric.

Jim: Yes. Yes. I can see what you just said. It’s almost as if the Soul is thinking and I am going along for the ride here. I’m not thinking yet I’m really clear something is unfolding. I don’t have a grasp of it yet. It’s as if I’m flowing with the thought without understanding it. Is that me merging with the Soul?

Kuthumi: It is the merging of both bodies. Yes the Soul is engaged in this process also. But the Soul is you. It is an expanded sense of self. The three bodies are totally merged and resonating because the Unified Field is also engaged. It allows those higher frequencies to have the stabilization so the experience is felt.

Jim: Now it’s settling down and there is a spin. What was fluid a moment ago is now more congealed. It’s more focused, more organized. It’s almost like a spinning column.

Kuthumi: Yes. Then, as you begin to direct the focus through the second Ray of Creation you can begin to take these organized energies of unlimited potential and direct them into specific applications to be manifested. There is a greater potential in the manifestation. It becomes a very unlimited environment. It becomes a very, shall we say, pregnant, creative environment. This little exercise, even though it seems very simplistic, is very important.

Jim: Yeah, I see where this goes. It activates and solidifies the Unified Field.

Kuthumi: Yes. I think it is quite a fun and wonderful exercise for the students to feel the field at different levels. It won’t be that big of a stretch for them. What you are doing is matching energies of the non-physical and the physical.

Jim: Yes. Yes. Well, I think this is very doable. Would you like to come into the session and add to this after they get into that space with the movement?

Kuthumi: I would be delighted. You will be amazed as you work with these energies and with your body. The whole key to this is engaging the body in the process. As you do that, you will open yourself to your Soul. There won’t be the separation or question: ‘Is it my Soul, or is it me?’ There will be a knowing that gets engaged that you are That. As we engage the physicality through these silly little exercises that will happen. We have to bring the vibration of the body up so that it begins to at least be compatible. It may not match, but it can be compatible with the sixth and seventh dimensional range that we are now engaging in.

It takes it out of: ‘It’s out there somewhere.’ and brings it where it belongs. In the body to create your Divine Expression according to this Divine Plan in the physical realm. And, that is where it was intended to be used. If you have no further questions, I will withdraw.

Jim: Thank you.

Kuthumi: Blessings.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Uriel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.