Am I in a Group Agreement? | Mastering Alchemy

How do you recognize and navigate Group agreements? How do you get out of what you're "supposed to" do but are not in agreement with? Many agreements are in past-time. Unconscious agreements to be in fear can be released. Join us to learn how.

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  1. What will happen to those who will not choose this path?
  2. I have had a block around receiving. I’ve often felt guilty from wanting or desiring,  I see so much greed in the world.  Where is the balance here for the individual?
  3. Comment:  Wow, Balance finally clicked for me.  So Grateful.
  4. My Intention is overwritten by my expectation.  So with what you said, I’m choosing my (expectation) agreement even though it’s displeasing while observing myself choosing that in present time. I don’t understand why i’m choosing that over I like me, balance, or happy.
  5. Comment:  Great experience BEING. First time in my life I don’t have words to explain. I’m speechless.
  6. Can you tell me more about Level 2 and the discount.
  7. Comment:  Alchemy in motion.  I just looking in the mirror. I’m glowing and holding the glow.  Thanks for building me there.  I am absorbing.  I no longer feel bad about feeling good.
  8. I desire to be more in the Fifth Dimension but I have so much Three Dimensional thinking, its discouraging. What’s it gonna take?
  9. Comment:  My body completely changes when I use the word Balance.  Thank you for this meditation.
  10. Could you please speak more about those of us holding the vision of Atlantis. How do we know if we are holding the vision?
  11. I thought I was supposed to stay on my side of the Rose.  How do I handle a group agreement with a huge family?  I work on not letting them push my buttons.  Sometimes it feels like a tall order.
  12. Comment: The convergence of synchronicity in this moment is astonishing in its intensity.  Thank you.


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