The Law of Attraction Doesn't Work! | Mastering Alchemy

Why don’t I get what I want? If the Law of Attraction really worked, I would be getting what I Intend, right? Absolutely. So maybe we just don’t understand how The Law of Attraction does works. Join us to learn more.

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  1. What if two people are intending the same goal but differently.  How do they create a common thing they are both happy with?
  2. What practice can be put into place to ignore the reality of ‘what is’ and put your attention only on your intention regardless of ‘what is’?
  3. Comment about I Like Me and I Like Liking Me.
  4. Could you say more about the Lords of Light please.
  5. Comment:  I have so much noise in my space.  When I listen to this it quiets and stills.
  6. What's prayer?
  7. How long or often does one have to keep our attention on what we desire for it to manifest? And are there thoughts that can neutralize our desire (fear, worry) that haven’t happened yet?
  8. Is it normal for Level 2 people to experience unemotional tears with this work?
  9. Are the recent marches and rallies a movement toward Fifth Dimensional consciousness?
  10. Could you walk more about how we pushed ourselves to the front of the line to be here now?  Why did we get chosen to be here?  What specific realm or dimension did we come from?


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Question & Answer (29:24)
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