New World Order From a Spiritual Perspective? | Mastering Alchemy

sage and a crystal in a bowl

The transition. What will that look like to the physical body from a spiritual point of view? Be careful what you ask for ...

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  1. Where do I find the companies using the microwave and plastic?
  2. Are you saying that everything happening on the planet and in my personal life is part of the process of releasing the baggage and necessary for my evolution?
  3. Can I use a Rose for someone I love who is having a difficult time?
  4. Does the Rose work when I put it around ‘things’? Like my car or my house?
  5. I used the Rose to remove the energy of a past boss out of my space, but he’s still there.  Is the Rose not working?
  6. Is it more accurate to say condensing myself vs making myself small?
  7. How does this transition fit into the concept of two earths forming?
  8. Could you help me understand this question?  “Does this have any bearing on me?”
  9. Does the Soul think? or is A.I. creating this idea?
  10. Are you saying you’re in support of the new world order? It is my understanding that dark forces are attempting to establish a new world oder. Did I misunderstand your meaning?
  11. Will all of the ‘ism’ systems (communism, capitalism etc) morph into a hybrid system?
  12. Can I use the Rose for people who have passed away?
  13. You said karma is no longer applicable. Does that mean there are no consequences to our actions?


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