Relearning What I Thought I Knew | Mastering Alchemy

sharpened colored pencilsNavigating your life from a place of clarity and understanding works a whole lot better than thinking "I know what I am doing” and then moving on. Join us to play together.

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  1. Why do I sometimes drift off when I am listening to you?
  2. During deep meditation, I find myself not breathing. Is this a common state?
  3. Can I use this same technique when I’m experiencing physical discomfort?
  4. Are health problems a result of a third-dimensional mindset?
  5. My legs they felt as though they fell asleep, then discomfort.
  6. I am not able to see clairvoyantly. Why?
  7. This is new to me.  This was a delightful session. I actually feel like a lot more of my past never happened
  8. How can I help others who are not awake?
  9. If feelings come from the heart, where do emotions come from?
  10. How can I detach from the 3D noise and people and still have compassion?’
  11. Comment: I love sitting in clear.
  12. I don't want to reincarnate here on earth in the third dimension anymore. What are my options?
  13. What if I don't want to go home? I still have stuff to do here.


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Lecture to Meditation (01:05:32)
Question & Answer (29:52)
Complete Call: (01:35:29)