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 burning fire in a fireplaceA challenging year is finally ending. Would you like to clear the anxiety, fear and uncertainty from your nervous system? Join us to learn how.

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  1. Comment: Whenever I use the Rose it’s always a GREAT experience.  Sending the energy back to the person without a ‘screw you’ had me laughing out loud and wiped the slate clean.
  2. Comment:  I’ve been working with you for six years and these beginning tools are so effective, they just blow me away.
  3. What if the person that pops up to be released is my husband/wife who I love?
  4. Any thoughts on how to clear heavy energy in our home.  I’ve been working from home for the past nine months and it feel accumulative.
  5. No-one came into my mind right away.  I had to really think about it.
  6. I talk to others in my head quite a bit.  It seems to happen subconsciously and I’ve had difficulty breaking this pattern.  Any suggestions?
  7. Can we also put our own feelings, experiences, and personal baggage we want to disconnect from in the Rose?
  8. When I ask ‘who else is in my head’ the places and people just appear.  Can I explode the places and people all in one Rose?
  9. What do you do about your ‘kid’ crumbs? We recently had a big wave of fear and shame.
  10. I had images of the wartime I went through when I was a child.  Can I just explode the whole experience?
  11. Is ‘clear’ what is left after the Rose has exploded? And if we fall in love with ‘clear’ will less of our baggage stick?
  12. If I don’t have a specific person inside my head, can I still use the Rose and trust that it’s working anyhow?  Or if I don’t know what color resentment is, will collecting the unknown colors still be of use?
  13. How can we use the Rose with someone who is actively getting in our space?
  14. When we did the gold ball summoning ourselves back, my response was “I don’t want myself back”.  I’m trying to use a Rose to get rid of that feeling. I”m embarrassed to be in this situation.
  15. I’m making separations from a friend who’s no longer a match to where I am.  Do I need a deeper understanding of the situation in order to move forward, or is it merely where I put my attention?



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