A Turning Point | Mastering Alchemy

person standing on a ledge looking out over a vistaWhen one realizes something is not what they thought it to be, they are at a turning point. We are at that point Now. What will you do?

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  1. Does it take time for the body to catch up when you step into the 5D movie?
  2. Comment:  This place is becoming a place I like, very much!
  3. If right and wrong only exist in 3D, how then do we hold ourselves accountable for mistakes we’ve made or harm we’ve caused?  Where does inward and outward forgiveness come into play?
  4. Comment: Very smilie in my heart and on my face. Calm, Peaceful and really Liking Me.
  5. I’m having a hard time with aggravation and irritation.  I try really hard to use patience and acceptance but i feel such a sense of aggravation with the situation of being in disharmony with others. I know they’re fine where they are and i’m fine where I am, but its so disharmonious.
  6. I just found you last week, and Mastering Alchemy is resonating beyond what I can describe.  How do I know what are old patterns, programs, looping in my reality vs. what is leaving? I’m having a hard time with this, as evidence keeps showing up in my life.
  7. How do I play in Project Park Bench?
  8. Comment: I’ve been with Mastering Alchemy for several years and it all still seems new.  Even so, i’m no where near where I was when I started and it seems so fresh.  Thank you so much for the reminder.
  9. I’ve been doing Level 1 for three weeks. I’m going through so much detox.  Any advise for integrating all this emotional, physical and psychic change?
  10. When we talk about being in the flow, the zone, is this where we are when we’re in the Fifth Dimension? And, what’s the quickest way to get there and stay there?
  11. Once I’ve activated the tools, is it completed?  Will I just need to remember it again? Do I need to go activate the tools again and again? Or once in place, I don’t have to go back?

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