Who’s in Control? | Mastering Alchemy

You? Or what you're looking at?

Do you give your seniority away? Or do you experience your life at your own direction? Seniority is "I am in  management of myself". A concept most give up, what about you? Join us to play.

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  1. I did and do challenge what you stated.  I may be able to challenge my perception of a past event but it does not alter the fact it happened (sold my home). I want to be able to change the past not just how I view it.  Is this possible?
  2. How can I love and respect people when they don’t expect much from me? Please tell me more about how to live without expectations.
  3. When I see my grandchildren adding rocks to their backpack because of an angry, abusive father, how can I help?
  4. Can we only change our own past or can we change our past generations/lineage?  Are those emotions/traumas ours?  It feels part of my physical body and DNA but not exactly mine.  Can you speak to this?
  5. I would like to see how it’s possible to let go of fear and jealousy.  How can I learn to trust and enjoy the feelings of trust, joy, and being in the present moment?  Are my feelings healthy and understandable or am I reacting to the past in seeing my mom being fearful, disempowered, and sad that I dress myself in?
  6. I don’t often know the source of the anxiety or I’m not ok in my space. In fact, my mind often goes blank. Can I still let go of the stuff when I’m not fully aware of it?
  7. The more I go on in life, the more I feel I have little in common with my parents.  They want to spend time with me weekly and I see no value in it. Every time I back away the become offended.
  8. What’s the difference between being aware and being conscious?


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