What’s In Your Backpack? | Mastering Alchemy

young man wearing a backpack walking down a snowy roadWhat prevents you from having what you want?  Who prevents you from having or doing what you want? Who’s thoughts are these anyway? Answer these questions and you become free of many limitations that direct your life. Learn how.

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  1. How do I drop my baggage when I don’t even know what it is?
  2. Could you please speak more about the process of prayer?
  3. Comment:  We’ve participated for over 25 years in some form of Mastering Alchemy. Tonight was one of the best exercises ever.
  4. Sometimes my shadow self creates a lot of fear and blockages making it difficult to get into that pleased, happy, neutral state.  Suggestions?
  5. Comment: Thank you SO MUCH. I could feel how easily it dissipated effortlessly.
  6. What do you mean by ‘skill set’?
  7. This was my first time with you.  I feel so connected with what you're sharing.  I’m curious as to why you only chose the energy of the mother and not the father for the healing of the lineage?
  8. Comment:  I’m so appreciative of you reminding me to bring things into the heart and dissolving them. Great tool.
  9. What does ‘have for myself’ mean?  I understand the phrase ‘give to myself’.
  10. Comment:  I love clearing out all that is not me and finding my true self.  I feel lighter, more self-sufficient, and more unified with all the world's diversity.  Allowing us each to be unique and co-creative.
  11. Is new, really New, or is it what’s there when we remove what’s in the way and covering it up?
  12. Comment:  Thank you.  My inner body feels lighter.  It's a wonderful feeling.
  13. In the work we did previously, we kept things on the outside of our space and blew Roses.  Is bringing things into the forehead and then into the heart to neutralize them different?
  14. How do you stay in neutral, when the third dimension is trying to force things on you that you are not in agreement with? How do you share your concerns with family that think the third dimension strategies are good?

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