COVID-19 - A Spiritual Event? | Mastering Alchemy

Let’s discuss this as the spiritual event you have been requesting. There is so much more to this than disease, death and disruption. Join us.

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  1. Comment:  Out of all the perspectives out there, I enjoyed listening to this one. I am a millennial and resonate so much with what you shared.
  2. Any suggestions for those of us who are choosing 5D and cohabitant with those living in fear. Can I change the vibration of my house and others, or do I just focus on my own vibration?
  3. Gaia is dying? Could you please expand on that.
  4. I don’t feel the COVID-19 is my reality hence it bothers others when they don’t see me freaked out.  How can I respond to them?
  5. Please say more about what going home means.
  6. How do we find a balance between Shakespeares theater for our observation and creating boundaries to show people what is ok with us vs what is not ok with us?
  7. Can I ask how best to manage these times when we are still working and not able to have the opportunity to have the endless free quiet time?
  8. Can we hold this space all the time?
  9. How can I assist humanity in this transition?
  10. I do  not feel afraid of the Coronavirus, yet if I go out I feel exhausted when I get back.


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