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We hope you enjoy this free webinar series. It's fun creating it with you. 

Part 1 - August 8 -  Change the Frequencies of Thought
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  1. When I got to my happy moment tears came up.  Can you talk about emotions that come up during energy work?
  2. When the Shift occurs, say by 2030, will we all be in the dimension but just affected differently?
  3. Could you comment on physical symptoms that happen during this work like tightness in my back or continuous burping throughout the meditation.
  4. In the Mastering Alchemy Level 2 or 3, do we learn how to create from the quantum field and manifest what we desire in 3D reality?
  5. So, the thing that matters most is that we feel good, that we feel one of those words and maintain the vibration or frequency.  Are there any tips on how to hold these frequencies when we physically don’t feel well?
  6. Would you recommend that one center oneself into present time and create a platform of the Living Words prior to going into the dream state?
  7. I have the book.  I just wanna know how to handle my boss.  He has a lot of ‘should do’. How and when do I express myself and my truth?
  8. I have the book and listen to the webinars.  I love Mastering Alchemy so much I’m having trouble pacing myself. Sometimes I wonder if I’m rushing and if there’s a better way to integrate all the material.
  9. What book?
  10. You have said that the most uncomfortable changes won’t affect us individually.  How do I stay in the 4th and 5th Dimensions if I am being affected by say climate change and other events of which I have no direct control?
  11. What is unconditional love and the difference in the Fifth Dimension?

Part 1 - Lecture to Meditation (01:07:54)
Part 1 - Question & Answer (41:57)
Part 1 - Complete Call (01:49:50)