Giving, Receiving and Having for Yourself | Mastering Alchemy

In the fifth dimension, the experience is about 100% Giving to yourself and 100% in Service to others ... simultaneously. There is no 50/50, either/or, lack or duality. 5D is about Having, Giving, Receiving and enjoying yourself. If you cannot give to yourself you have nothing to give to others. Join us to learn more.

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  1. I love Roses.  I am a landscaper and have a hard time destroying them.  Can I just let them fade away.  Any Suggestions?

  2. When I do these meditations I end up crying and feel a constriction in my solar plexus.  Could I be resisting something?  I feel a deep sadness yet am filled with gratitude.

  3. Comment and discussion on using the Rose to attract something to you.

  4. I’m confused with the concept of its impossible to be ‘not ok’

  5. What's the difference in how the Rose is being used and the Eighth Ray of Creation? Can you talk about how to use for clearing?

  6. Can you talk a bit about the Rays of Creation as a tool?

  7. When I express myself, I always question what I said, after I said it.  Could you please elaborate?


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