Life's Not Unfolding As I Was Told It Would. What Do I Do?   | Mastering Alchemy

How is your world shaping up?  For many of us what we think should be happening simply is not. Learn how to live your life and navigate between “what should be" and "what is”. Join us..

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  1. How do I, or can I, use this method to help a dear one to shed old patterns and start to live a happier life?
  2. I see that the Rose tool is very powerful.  Do you recommend it as a meditation tool to be used every day or as we notice the energies of the day or both?
  3. Can you talk about tinnitus or ringing in the ears and how the pitch, tone or volume changes with this work or disappears when I have made a decision?
  4. Do you have any recommendations for when I, or my ego, is the one stopping me?
  5. You mentioned two waves of Light tonight.  In the past you mentioned three waves of Light.  Have things changed?
  6. I was listening to the Morning Conversation titled Preparing for Winter. Where is the mini ice age going to happen and will we have time to prepare for it?
  7. Is it possible that those committing hate crimes are actually highly evolved Souls that are here to assist us in releasing all the hate, anger and discord of the past?
  8. I feel effortless waves of energy and expansion and share love and still point awareness with all receptive beings. Then I experience an energy whack or kickback from the Universe. Any feedback?

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