You Are More Than a Healer | Mastering Alchemy

Jeshua: Greetings. It is I, Jeshua. As you well know, many things have changed since last I embodied upon this Earth of yours. The electro-magnetics of the Earth itself are changed and altered. The solar flares have played greatly into this. The magnetics of the Earth and the way the Earth rotates has changed. The way of the orbit is beginning to change in a way which brings it into closer proximity to many other factions within your solar system and within the galaxy itself. Many changes are occurring. Many of these changes are dynamic and begin to open up avenues for the consciousness to be expanded and the way in which the body is able to function. The body will function from a much less dense perspective, therefore having the ability to create health and wellbeing for very long periods of time. The electrical system changes will stimulate cellular functioning to a much greater degree.

Jim: In many of the students, there is a goal or configuration of being a healer. That configuration appears to get in their way and keeps them small. This particular piece of the teaching allows for a larger healing on the planet, and within humanity. Greater than what they can comprehend in that small, healer point of reference that they hold. Changes are required going forward. With the current Shift in Consciousness many third dimensional aspects falling away. There are challenges in governments around control and domination. These are going to be altered only after together we begin to hold higher, faster vibrations. Higher and faster than being simply a healer.

Jeshua: Correct. Yes. That higher vibration and energy has to be brought more into the greater, wider collective consciousness before changes will occur within those who are in positions of power. Together and within this teaching and within the students, we are creating a vortex of this higher, consistent energy that can change humanity. It will look very different that what you observe now and it requires holding a full and consistently maintained energy field

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This is a conversation between Jim Self and Yeshua as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Yeshua to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.


Wow - this was meant for my eyes. Jim, what an incredible observation "the goal of being a healer". It's so true! I've always thought that being a healer or a teacher would be like the ultimate power that would make me super powerful but then my Higher Mind shows me exactly where in my space I hold the old energetic patterns (lately - that of being a rescuer/savior/fixer.) Why else would I desire to have the power to heal if not to fulfull an unconcious pattern that was grandfathered into my DNA? 


I've also been listening to Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll expounding on the Innate, Cellular Structure, and Akash and that we have the ability command these systems with Pure Intent.  Is this the same thing, Jim? This is just so beautiful, I'm finding so many synchronities from different avenues. 



It may be that a deep need or programming to be a healer was born of an unmet need to be rescued somewhere in one's childhood.This is at the level of person ality.At a higher frequency, the desire to heal as a loving thing to do, should not limit us to this one goal, and would be better served as part of our energy field.