The Rays of Creation | Mastering Alchemy

What are they and how do they work? How and what makes life work? Why does your heart beat? What creates the mathematics of a flower? The answer is the Rays of Creation. Every aspect of matter, thought, emotion, color, sound and every impulse of movement happens because of the Rays of Creation.

And the amazing part is once you understand what each Ray does, the ability to create all you imagine is available. Join us to play.

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  1. With all this hard work to learn on how to ascend what happens to the Souls that came down here with learning disabilities.  How can they learn all this stuff?
  2. So the Rays are not a sequential achievement. They’re tools that will be used in many different sequences.  Is that correct?
  3. I’m wondering about the Fall of Atlantis and the use of the Rays and how that relates to the Fall of Consciousness.
  4. I am asking for clarification.  Is the Eye of Horus and the third Ray the best place for us to play to build our psychic abilities?
  5. How do I use the Rays to stop being a ‘hider’?
  6. What can I do to receive forgiveness from those who are deceased, for things I have done in my past?
  7. How does someone get started? I purchased the book.  Is the online class different?
  8. In the fifth Dimension does physical form exist as in male and female?
  9. Recently I’ve noticed the Violet Flame showing up mostly in the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond.  It seems to want my attention.  It there a way to combine it with the MA tools or would you consider it a separate practice?
  10. You say everything is a process.  Isn’t process linear?
  11. There is still fear and a silent zone around the topic of death.  Is it because nobody really knows how death relates to the third, fourth and fifth Dimensional experiences?
  12. I watched your video “How Dimensions Work” can you please tell me what the first and second Dimensions are and what Dimensions Animals and Plants are in`
  13. Can you explain the difference between densities and dimensions.
  14. When we play or work with the Rays do we have to place an intention or visualize it?

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