Resistance or Creation? Where is Your Attention? | Mastering Alchemy

Do you move forward or hold back? Does what you hold your attention on keep you from seeing the answer you're looking for? Is what you want the very thing that's keeping you from it? Join us to learn how to change your resistance into creation.

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  1. Do our thoughts create illness?
  2. You have talked a few times of people who are ‘Watchers’. What does that mean? What does it mean in terms of jumping and flying?
  3. I’m wondering if hurricanes are a smaller Earthly waves fo the Waves you are talking about?
  4. I’ve been listening while catching up on computer work this evening.  Was there any benefit on a subconscious level or is multi-tasking not an option with this work?
  5. You speak about keeping your focus.  I have several areas I am excited about and I hop from one to the other, especially when doubt sets in, and somehow the flow just stops. Do I need to focus on one thing only?
  6. I have a billboard sign that reads as “I am not available”.  This is my resistance filter. How can I remove this?
  7. How can I focus to become more creative?
  8. I’m in the midst of a painful separation and i’m having a hard time being Happy, Certain or Liking Myself.  Is it possible to ‘fake it till I make it’ or is there a better strategy?
  9. I notice that words such as denial, jealousy, and heartbreak yield incomplete shapes with pointy edges and words like nature, joy and hobbies produce circular shapes with calm edges. I’m curious why that is and the noticeably different feelings.
  10. In your book A Course in Mastering Alchemy, you speak of time in the fifth dimension as being simultaneous, with all possibilities existing at the same time. With choice I collapse just one of the possibilities. What happens to the other possibilities that also existed? Did they manifest also, at another level, yet simultaneously?
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