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Fake news, red vs blue, authoritarian versus democracy. What's true? What tools do I use to navigate the noise and determine what's best for me and those I love? Join us.

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  1. I’ve often been experiencing fear when waking up.  I’ve been practicing bringing Light into the second Triad. I’ve been setting the crown to emerald green- gold before sleep. I’ve been dismantling the triangle of fear - lack - insecure.  The fear I’ve experienced since then has gotten more intense. My question is: is there a way to avoid or bypass this phase of fear first hours after waking?
  2. Comment:  When you asked “How does this feel?”, I felt This is Who I Am!  Thank you for bringing me to this wonderful experience. 
  3. Why does my presence trigger other people? Is it my vibration?
  4. As the veil disintegrates, how is our experience with death, afterlife, and birth changed?
  5. In a Morning Conversation, you talked a little bit about the white light that one sees after death and that there’s other options on the right and the left.  So what would those other options be?
  6. I have a technical question about Level 2.  I see it started a few days ago.  Did I miss it, or can I still enroll?
  7. The current chaos and challenges we are facing include being exposed to some who use fear and hate as their go-to place.  What’s your understanding of the bigger picture around all the fear and how we’re challenged to stay in our hearts?
  8. Comment:  So much emotional purging during the whole hour.  Thank you.
  9. I’ve been using a Star-tetrahedron as an energy field for years.  What would the Octahedron provide differently than the Star-tetrahedron?
  10. Comment:  The present me is wonderfully quiet, easy, and expansive. So valuable to experience.  These tools are simple to listen, though as I progress they have another layer.
  11. Can we help clean up this astral plane with all of humanity's thoughts with the Rose as well?
  12. Is the Etheric body the same is the Light body?


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