Time Is Not What You Think It Is

Time is an application, not a fixed reality. Did you know there are five configurations of time to work with and liner time is the least useful? It doesn't support your creations or wellbeing. Join us to learn how time can work for you.

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  1. Could you please give some examples of the non-conditional properties of 4-5D life.  I’m not quite sure I get the essence of both.
  2. How to I extend and expand time?
  3. How do I heal myself physically?
  4. How can one best use Time to an advantage when feeling overwhelmed by past serious childhood traumas that keep popping up my adult life?
  5. The Center of Head tool has changed my life.  I no longer go to the noise around me. Most of my millennial friends are in a lot of overwhelm and pain but aren’t asking for solutions.  Is it even possible to help them get out of this pattern of pain when they don’t ask me how to?


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