What Is the Fall of Consciousness? | Mastering Alchemy

How and why did it happen? Does it have anything do with me?
This is a very amazing story and spiritual adventure and it has everything to do with you. Religions tell only a small piece of the story. Would you like to know some of the other pieces and how they brought you to be here today?

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  1. Could you give an example of a wobble and how that was 'exciting' for the Creator gods if indeed the wobbles were harmful to other Beings.

  2. Help me understand… trees, rocks, apples were created in the Fifth dimension?

  3. Could you please explain more about the Holy Spirit stepping into the void, and more about the void?

  4. Isn’t Source all powerful? Why doesn’t it just bring us all into the Fifth dimension immediately?

  5. Why did the Masculine become so angry with the Feminine?

  6. The deeper I progress into Mastering Alchemy, the more of a Rottweiler my rational mind is turning into.  I love my mind but need it to take more of a back seat. Could you comment please?

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Question & Answer (33:33)
Complete Call (01:41:42)