Time - What Is It? How Does It Work? | Mastering Alchemy

Time is Not what most believe it to be.  Time is an application to be used in your creative process. It's not a constant that controls your life. By understanding how to alter your use time, you’ll begin to understand how to create the life you want.

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  1. Is it correct to say that if I continue to dwell on a past experience in my present moment, that i’ll continue to create that past experience.  If so, how may I let it go?
  2. How does our shifting our sense of time affect our life span?
  3. I have a hard time visualizing the point of the Octahedron behind me even though I use my fingers.  Any thoughts?
  4. How do I remember to come back here to my Octahedron and liking myself?  I get scared in the day and disassociate and loose track of them.
  5. What if the thing you want to let go of is a physical condition, like an illness? Does illness belong to the third Dimension?
  6. Can you talk about Grace.  What it is and how it feels?
  7. How are we to look at time, since everything only exists in the Now? Past and present are in the Now?
  8. Any tips for communicating this to kids or do we just lead by energetic example?
  9. When you spoke about spiraling time and the dream of Atlantis I burst into tears and began shaking all over.  Why does this trigger such intense emotion in us?



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