The World You Have Known Is Falling Away | Mastering Alchemy

However, simultaneously an aspect of who you are, that you haven’t experienced yet, is becoming present. Your world is rapidly shifting under your feet. How do you wish to experience it? How will you choose? Join us.

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  1. Are all limiting beliefs someone else's energy in my field?

  2. Will I lose my non-spiritual family members as I go further into the Fifth Dimension?

  3. As an empath I sometimes find I don’t want to be here on Earth. Others tell me to be fully present.  Is that true?

  4. How do affirmations play into this?  What is the best way to incorporate affirmations daily to change the course of our existence?

  5. Is this like living in the past?  Not letting go of the issues of the past?

  6. There’s a quiet place in the Center of my Head.  Is there a quiet place in my Heart as well?

  7. You said that what we believe are freedoms and permissions will be changing.  Can you speak more specifically to that?

  8. When I quiet my mind I often have intense negative emotions surface and I don’t know what to do with it.  What is the best tool to use at that point?


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