Project Park Bench - A World Service | Mastering Alchemy

No need to re-register for the Nov-Dec 2020 sessions if you've already registered for the previous year.

We are in the midst of a profound Shift of Consciousness. Much is being shaken loose and disrupted. Many are asking what they can DO during these troubling political, cultural, environmental times. They want to make a difference.

We began this Project in November 2019 and will continue through December 2020. Over 4,900 from around the globe now gather. We and the Archangels offer a Free monthly piece of energy work you can practice as you sit on your own local park bench, radiate Light and uplift humanity and Earth. Now you Can Do something to make a difference.

You are not small and insignificant. You are big with an important contribution to make.  Now you CAN do something.
Free - second Sunday - each month.
11 am - Noon Pacific (GMT/UTC-7 hours)

 To receive correct reminders, please select your time zone when you register.

Some pointers:

  • The best way to join us is to directly call-in, not log-in (unlike what the reminder email says). Phone numbers for many countries are in reminder emails. There is a limit of 1,000 seats. Calling-in allows more to attend.
  • This is audio-only. Video would be a distraction from the work.
  • A few days after each session, we will send a link to a Private Page with the recording to all registrants.
  • All calls are recorded and posted to a Private Page for you. The Private link is sent a few days after each call. All recordings live on one page.

Your donation to Mastering Alchemy will help eliminate hunger during this time of Shift. All contributions will be donated. Over $6,200 already contributed for The Hunger Project (as of Dec. 4). Together we are empowering people to end their hunger. You are making a difference!
(You may donate via Paypal or with a credit or debit card).