From Archangels to Multiple Personalities | Mastering Alchemy

What are "beings"? How do you discern between helpful and unhelpful ones? In this session would you like to experience the presence of Archangels? Come play...

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1. In this webinar, are you speaking only about planet Earth’s beings, forms and consciousnesses? 
2. Do the twelve physical extensions of the soul exist simultaneously? Do the extensions exist at different levels of consciousness?
3. Please explain again the “static field of suspended animation”.
4. So, how do I move “grandma” out of my space?
5. Has Earth always been a part of the “chemistry lab”? In other words, was it created in the chemistry lab? And if not, were Atlantis and Lemuria a part of the split from the Creator’s light? My rational mind is wondering when the split occurred in the timeline of the Earth.
6. Could you please explain the Light Body, Soul and Higher Self a little more? It’s confusing how they overlap.
7. Do I understand it correctly — the soul doesn’t engage while we’re having a bad day? And the higher self is more readily available when we’re having a bad day? Can we call our higher self or even soul to assist us in getting into a better vibration?
8. When does the next Level 2 begin?
9. I bought the physical book and the Kindle version for convenience and travel. If feel a difference in the energy of the physical book, with the Kindle version having no comparison.
10. Is there any significance to the names the Archangels use?
11. I’m very skeptical of channeling and those who do it. However, the transcriptions in your new book sit right with me. Is your Level 2 program an opportunity to play more with these angels and beings?
12. Seniority and mastery. Are they the same thing?
13. When beings are in my space, how do I get them out?
14. Please talk about the “madness” that is happening around the world. When will humanity realize that we’re all family?

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