Are You Overwhelmed? | Mastering Alchemy

drop of water on the very edge of a leafIs it possible to navigate today's crazy world without becoming overwhelmed? Yes. With spiritual tools. Join us and learn a few simple tools to help you maintain Balance, Certainty, and Personal Power during this time of transition.

Thank you so much Cristina for your translations. Beautiful!

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  1. Can we use the Mastering Alchemy tools in the dream space?
  2. How do I get out of the overwhelm when I’m already in it?
  3. Are we letting go of stuff in the collective, our ancestry as well as our own?
  4. If you have a health issue, how much is considered ‘theater’, and how much is on your side of the Rose?
  5. Today my close cousin says he has cancer. How can I be fully present when the pain feelings are there?
  6. You say that the 3D game is over and there are still wars and hate and racism. That sounds pretty 3D to me. 
  7. Can you share any information on a higher purpose for these massive fires? Any suggestions of what we can do to help on a metaphysical level?

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Non-Downloadable MP3's: 
Lecture (22:04)
Meditation (40:49)
Question & Answer (29:45)
Complete Call (01:32:38)
¿Estoy Abrumado?-Conferencia (24:55)
¿Estoy Abrumado?-Meditación (42:08)