Are You Prepared for a Surprise? | Mastering Alchemy

sun shining into dark cloudsHow do you handle a surprise? Can you allow one? Creating enjoyment as a surprise…it’s a learned skill. Interested in finding out?

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  1. I have a habit of oscillating between choices.  How do I keep moving in the one direction, and know when to rest?
  2. The war Russia initiated with Ukraine is very disturbing.  How would you recommend we, as individuals, help?
  3. It's really hard to quiet the mind when it is time to meditate.  What advice do you have for a new student?
  4. Can you elaborate on how the more I stay in 5D, I can uplift others?
  5. How do we find out what’s really going on, in reference to the news? Or does it really matter?
  6. Did you say that if I stay in the fifth dimension, I continue to make choices that keep me present in my body? And that the more I do this the easier it will get?

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Lecture (35:32)
Meditation (23:58)
Question & Answer (20:01)
Complete Call (01:19:33)
¿Estás preparado para una sorpresa? (42:20)
¿Estás preparado para una sorpresa? Meditación. (25:47)