Ascension-How Does It Work? Can You Have It? | Mastering Alchemy

What is ascension? What if you could have everything you wanted, effortlessly? To have ascension, you would have to step out of your current experience. Can you? How will you choose? Join us for tools and strategies on your personal ascension. Listen to the recordings below.

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1. Are the Eye of Horus and the pineal gland in the same place?
2. Have you considered putting out a dictionary of terms to help follow in the sessions?
3. Please elaborate on the difference between emotions and feelings.
4. What’s the easiest way to get rid of baggage?
5. How do we engage with group energy? Do we allow others into our space?
6. You made me laugh a lot and cry. Are my tears something that will cease once I release my baggage?
7. I have heard the language of light but my conscious mind doesn’t understand it. Does my higher mind get it?
8. Ascension, as often presented, has never meant much to me. Do you suggest there is value in focusing on it rather than just being on this journey?
9. What is the difference between “eyes open” and “eyes closed” work in Level 2?
10. Will current relationships fall away as we change our magnetic field?
11. Could we be getting ready for a split in dimensions where some will step into another reality in physical form and leave the current Earth for a new Earth? 

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