Attending to the Physical Body | Mastering Alchemy

Kuthumi:  Greetings.  It is I, Kuthumi. It is a great honor to be here with you today and to participate in this experiment along with the Master Realm and the Angelic Realm. Much is transpiring within the system, within the physical body, and within all levels of you as a Soul. There have been many energetic templates given to you and to your students in the last several weeks; very powerful energetic templates of Light that also incorporate color and sound.

It is time now to begin to work again at a more physical level, so that we can create an adaptation within the system to make usable all of these frequencies and templates that have been given at a physical level, in the physical realm. It is important to understand that you are a multilevel, multidimensional being. As such, you have a physical component that must be attended to, as well as a spiritual component that involves the evolution of your Soul and the transformation of that fallen state of consciousness within the Soul that is embodied in the physical body. As we raise and transform the Soul to new levels of wholeness, there is a transformation that occurs within the physical body itself that must be attended to so the entire system is brought into a complete alignment.

I am here to attend to those physical properties and those physical concepts that need to be addressed at this time. All of these templates that have been given in the previous weeks, such as the wonderful, energetic languaging of Light from the Angelics, hold great power. There are many templates of Light that are layered and directly related to Prime Creator or Source within that languaging. As you begin to use these templates they are constantly unfolding as your consciousness can receive what is being given.

As these things occur, it is my charge now to make some of them very usable within the physical body. We will do that by addressing the first four chakras and doing some work at that level. This is the bridgework between the physical and the non-physical realms. This is where you can actually create usability within the systems of the physical body and still be perfectly connected with those unseen, higher realms of the Creator.

As we proceed with this experiment, many things occur. There will be many variations that occur as we begin to work in the more physical aspects of yourself. And, these chakras are the perfect place to begin to make the physical body more adaptable to these higher frequencies and these higher templates. Before we proceed, I will open this discussion to a more interactive position and to answer any questions that you might have.

Next week: The Sense of Disconnect

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration the Level 3 course unfolded.

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