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Be the Word

Be the Word

What is "Inspired" or “Courage”?  These are not intellectual concepts. These are big energetics internalized, felt and demonstrated.  What word or words do you choose when presenting yourself?  Do you deliberately, intentionally chose the words?  Happy, victim, worried, angry, certain, capable?  Would you like to interrupt the unconscious default that pops up in your day? 

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Questions and Answers

  1. When we wove the three words one seemed more dominant. Why are they all not equal?
  2. How will me standing on this platform affect others?  I don’t want to create waves.
  3. I tried to command the curtain to move.  It did not move.  Any comment?  
  4. What happens if other words want to come up?  Should I become that vibration?
  5. It is easier for me to think the words.  How can I feel them more deeply?
  6. Can you suggest another word than happy?  Content?
  7. What words do you suggest for quieting a talkative mind?
  8. When we did the ‘what if’ part, the feeling in my body was like fear.  What is that about?
  9. How do past lives contribute to what we experience now?
  10. Seniority and powerful feel the same to me.  Can you help me find a distinction?
  11. What stops me from exploring these tools?  Am I lazy or is there divine timing?
  12. How can I use these tools to help me out of feeling despair or depression?
  13. How would I present this concept (of holding vibration of words) to my teenage kids?

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