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Closeup of hazel human eye and eyebrow looking straight aheadExcerpt from the Kindle book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly with your inner eye. Many people regard clairvoyance with some ambivalence: either they dismiss it as a clever “parlor trick,” developed from an ability to read subtle body language and facial expressions, or they view it with a measure of awe, as some “magical gift” that’s only attainable if you happen to be the seventh son of a seventh son, for example.  

The fact is we are all clairvoyant. Recognizing and developing your intuitive abilities has many practical, down-to-earth uses in one’s life.  In today’s culture, we have access to more information than ever before. Much of it is true for someone, but it may not be accurate for you. Understanding and utilizing your intuitive abilities to discern your truth from that which is not true for you lead to a greater awareness of your own internal skills and abilities.

Employing your intuitive abilities is like having software that filters your incoming email and places those pieces you’re not interested in, or don’t resonate with, in the junk folder. This handy piece of software is already available to you. It came as standard equipment, bundled with your hard drive. The trick is remembering it, turning that software back on, and using it.

“But wait a minute,” you say. “I don’t need intuition or clairvoyance. My information comes from reliable sources—books, the Internet, friends and family. They wouldn’t mislead me.” Well, maybe.

They may not intentionally mislead you, but their truth may not be yours. When you utilize your intuitive abilities, whether that ability is clairvoyance, telepathy, or clairaudience, you will recognize whether the information given to you is aligned with your greater good long before you become entangled with it. Wouldn’t your life be a whole lot easier if you had that skill? This skill already exists within you … it’s just been hiding under a belief system that isn’t yours! And it is not that difficult to access.

You already are intuitive.

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Image of the book A Course in Mastering AlchemyThis is an excerpt from the book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?
by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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