Breaking a Relationship Pattern | Mastering Alchemy

From Roxane:
My father and his fiancé’ were visiting here recently. She and Jim had an important conversation about how to break an old, disruptive pattern she had with her daughter. This recording is a great example of how to alter your perspective, come to a place of inner balance and assist others.
A week after their return home, I received this email:
Jim Self, thank you!! The tool you taught me to use with my daughter worked immediately! Lisa was stunned and silent for several moments. When she realized that I wasn't a "threat" to her and that her Thanksgiving party was about her, not me, she did an "about-face" and even thanked me for saying what I did. I told her things needed to change between her and me, starting with me. She was speechless! Thanks for giving me my real mother-daughter relationship back !!! You are an awesome teacher and friend. RT, Texas

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