Breaking a Relationship Pattern | Mastering Alchemy

From Roxane:
My father and his fiancé’ were visiting. She and Jim had an important conversation about how to break an old, disruptive pattern she had with her daughter. This recording is a great example of how to alter your perspective, come to a place of inner balance and assist others.
A week after their return home, I received this email:
Jim Self, thank you!! The tool you taught me to use with my daughter worked immediately! Lisa was stunned and silent for several moments. When she realized that I wasn't a "threat" to her and that her Thanksgiving party was about her, not me, she did an "about-face" and even thanked me for saying what I did. I told her things needed to change between her and me, starting with me. She was speechless! Thanks for giving me my real mother-daughter relationship back !!! You are an awesome teacher and friend. RT, Texas


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