Chakras, The Ego and Transforming a Third Dimensional Fragmented Body Into The Fifth Dimensional Integrated Body - A Special Two Part Webinar | Mastering Alchemy

Why is it so difficult for human beings to be happy, trusting and kind to one another?
Because ...

  • The lower four chakras are fragmented and dysfunctional
  • The ego is anchored in the first chakra in fear
  • The mental and emotional bodies are separated
  • The fourth chakra is inverted and the Soul cannot enter the body

The third dimension was created to prevent great destruction by the fall of consciousness. Much was disconnected in the process and 3D humanity has been the result of the disconnection. The consciousness, knowledge and ability to change this is now very available to you.

When this and much more is understood, reconstructed and aligned a spiritual being (you) begins to vibrate the physical form in a fifth dimensional state of well-being and happy.

  • 14 chakras are activated and accessed
  • The seven bodies are integrated into One
  • And consciousness of the “All That Is” becomes fully accessible for creation in a body.

This two part series will explain "How it is accomplished."

Part One Q and A

  1. How do I validate myself when if I visualize, nothing is seen or felt?
  2. How do we move through and beyond something we're working on?
  3. As a body worker, would it help to connect the triads on my clients?
  4. Would I get pain in the solar plexus from watching violence in a movie?
  5. How does the medulla oblongata separate the mental and emotional bodies?
  6. I get it, I am different and better, the "it's leaving" is the key.
  7. When do I know the time is right to move to Level 2?
  8. How can I tell the difference between someone's intentions and my perception?
  9. Can we get rid of the ego individually and as a collective?
  10. Please tell me more about the possibility of needing a three-week supply of goods?


Part Two Q and A


  1. Do animals have these same triads and chakras?
  2. Is it possible the spiritual work I do will rub off on my family and friends?
  3. How does one work with the Triads?
  4. Do the Triads get activated at the same time?
  5. Do I get more of the Triads in Level Two? Do they replace the seven chakras?
  6. What happens to the ego if we choose to move into the fine-tuned Lamborghini?
  7. Can I have access to the previous lesson?
  8. How common is it that when listening to a Level Two lesson, we can't remember what is heard?
  9. Could you please explain the eighth and ninth chakras?
  10. How do I clear energy out of my third chakra?
  11. Many people are attracted to me; however, how do I find a partner?
Chakras, the Ego, and Transforming, Lecture Part 1
Chakras, the Ego, and Transforming, Q&A Part 1
Chakras, the Ego, and Transforming, Lecture Part 2
Chakras, the Ego, and Transforming, Q&A Part 2