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Changing the Filters You See Through

Changing the Filters You See Through


Before you see yourself in the mirror you see your personality, your fears, beliefs and habits. What would you see if you changed these filters? Here's a hint: What you see in that mirror reflects very little of who you are, even on your best day. So, what is, and how do you align with, your image? Listen to the recordings below.

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1. I know I have filters. I notice their results but I can't identify exactly what they are clearly enough to clear them out. How do I clear them if I don’t have words for them?
2. When I close my eyes in everyday life, often pictures will play like an involuntary slideshow on my inner screen. However, when I’m using the Tools I don’t “see” anything, I have to imagine it. Is there any explanation for that?
3. I was raised in a very conservative and bigoted culture. I never embraced it. Is it possible to have an “anti“ filter or a “reverse” filter?
4. How do you release addictions?
5. I finished Level 1 a week ago and plan on going on to Level 2. What do you suggest I do in between the time Level 2 classes begin?
6. How is it I can be in a place of feeling “I’m OK” and someone asks one question about what I’m doing/not doing in my life, and I easily slip into that doubt?
7. Is the course only about clearing out baggage and thinking in a new way? How does this affect your Light Body?


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