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Creating Calm in Your Personal Space

Creating Calm in Your Personal Space









Structuring your energy is an activity not a desire. It's an action not a wanting. Structuring your energy is about aligning a thought and choosing an emotion. This is the container for the energy that will help you create. This webinar is an action-session to create the results you desire. Listen to recordings below.

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1. Gabriel was so strong here.  Is there a certain protocol to ask him to join me?
2. I was yawning a lot during this, as I heard Roxane say. Is it a release? I struggle to know when I’m in the right place during these energy healing sessions.
3. When you said, “Sacred Heart,” I began to cry. I’m not religious so this surprised me. What is the Sacred Heart?
4. Who is Gabriel? Tell us more about him.
5. When we did the work with our parents I noticed a separation between me and them that I never noticed before. I love and respect my parents. Am I missing something here about them not being the loving parents I experienced them as?
6. Can I be lying down when doing the meditations and/or listening to the lectures?
7. When I put up a Rose can I forget about it or must I be conscious of the Rose and refocus on it?
8. Can I register for Level 1 and 2 together?  
9. I was impatient and frustrated during this. I guess I need practice in being in the present moment. Am I the only one who feels this way?
10. Jim, how is it that you had a conversation with our friend Gabriel?


This library is updated every month. Some recordings are added, others removed.  Don’t worry - you haven’t missed anything. More good stuff is on it’s way to you.

Lecture (9:52)
Meditation (54:58)
Question & Answer (33:21)
Closing Comments (1:25)
Complete Call (1:30:12)