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Creating with the Seven Layers of Thought

Creating with the Seven Layers of Thought

You think in different rooms, or different layers, within your consciousness. Understanding this and consciously recognizing each of these layers allow you to choose to create your experience differently.

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Questions and Answers

  1. What would happen if I was in fourth, fifth, sixth layers of thought at work?
  2. Are dreams and pictures forms of thought?
  3. How can I help my daughter stay in the present moment?
  4. I’ve only done Level One for a week.  Is it too soon for me to join Level Two?
  5. How do I determine where channeled info is coming from?  How do I receive only from higher beings?
  6. How does taking medication or drugs affect a person’s ability to access higher levels of thought?
  7. How do I catch and stop myself from being in the first level of thought?
  8. Do I go through the same step by step process to revisit the tetrahedron in the heart again?
  9. When you are in the fourth level of thought and higher, how can you avoid going unconscious?
  10. Noticing my body, then clearing physical energy blocks, is this the first part of self-healing?

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Lecture (10:18)
Lecture Seven Layers of Thought (20:16)
Meditation (34:05)
Q&A (22:50)
Complete Call (1:27:30)