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Dorothy... You're Not in 3D Anymore

Dorothy... You're Not in 3D Anymore

Your rational mind may be telling you 3D still exists. The key to stepping beyond 3D is to see from the brain, think from your heart and apply your courage. Fastening your seatbelt and finding some amusement will definitely be helpful. Join us. 

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"Using the Emerald Green Color Codes of Love to Redirect the Current World Energy"

1. Could we be getting ready for a split in dimensions, whereas some will step into another reality and physical form and leave the current Earth for a newer Earth? If yes, do we dare speak of such split?
2. How do I get better staying on my side of the rose?
3. Could you talk about going unconscious during mediation?
4. What role does the animal kingdom play in this shift of consciousness?
5. Could you please tell me more about Level 1?
6. Are you saying that in order to be in the fifth dimension means that we have to lose our baggage of thinking and feeling about third dimensional things? In other words, is it just a vibrational field?
7. What do I do about self-doubt and self-sabotage? These are things I am still allowing to trip myself up despite years of working on this.
8. While I am doing this work and practicing, will it affect my children and husband, who won’t listen to any of this?
9. Do you have any tips for thinking with the heart more, or is it just a case of putting your attention there?
10. How do you release anger with ease and grace?

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Meditation (42:03)
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