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A Course in Mastering Alchemy Free Webinar - Drama and Balance: How Do You Choose?How do you maintain balance when disruptive changes to your belief system and way of life are showing up all around you? Many are experiencing fear, anxiety and threats to what they hold important during these rapidly changing times. With a shift in your focus, however, balance and choice are very available. Join us to learn the tools to step into balance and ease.

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Questions and Answers

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  1. I get caught up in the drama of the political system and find it hard to stay in neutral. Any suggestions?
  2. When the baggage comes up, does it mean my life with get more chaotic before it gets better?
  3. As I hold disconnect how will it affect those around me? Will they notice and will it become a problem?
  4. When I put my attention on the central column of light I feel a rush of energy. Would it benefit me to put my attention on this before certain activities?
  5. Are there differences between the first two waves of light?
  6. Will Level 2 give me more tools like this to keep my attention on what’s important?
  7. Can you speak more about Gaia?
  8. Is Level 2 self-paced like Level 1?
  9. When you talk about the Archangelics I wonder if YOU talk to them?
  10. Comments on the usefulness of the analogy of the gyroscope in maintaining balance.
  11. Will this workshop be available on the website?

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