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There was no War. There were no Bad Guys. There was simply Fall from the inclusion of the Light of the Creator. And yet the distortions and mutation found there way into consciousness. This has not only happened on Earth; there are entire Universes that have been quarantined to prevent them from interfering with the Oneness of the Creator.
In this webinar, Jim reveals what Archangels Uriel and Metatron have explained to him about how the Fall of Consciousness came about.

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Track 1 (46:09)


  • A long time ago, the creator wished to know itself more fully and created aspects of itself
  • The original blueprint used by the creator gods became overused and then became something new
  • The creator created a new blueprint known as the 1st Ray, the intention of the creator, including free will
  • The angelic realm was created with a very specific purpose – to be the audience of the creator gods
  • The 2nd Ray of creation became available, containing the color red with the capacity to step up or down
  • Later creator gods did not have as much knowledge and created with less light from the creator itself
  • The 3rd Ray of creation holds the elements of creation – frequencies and subfrequencies
  • Many creator gods began creating without the original light of the creator, which created distortions
  • The distortions began to take on a life of their own and interact and weave together
  • The distortions and mutations began to have no consciousness and unravel themselves
  • These distortions are known as vibrations of rude, resentment, control, domination
  • This resulted in the vibrations being quarantined – nothing in, nothing out
  • Physicalness is a very tiny aspect of all that is, yet is an enormous contribution of all that is
  • There was an experiment of 12 planets that held a consciousness of the unity of love in a special way
  • We created the structure of form to experience ourselves within and then leave fully conscious
  • The earth is a living consciousness with some unique purposes, it does not have the same free will
  • One purpose is to reflect the Christed light to those that are inhabiting the earth
  • Beings without the light of the creator inhabited the earth, which could no longer hold the reflection
  • This caused the earth to fall from the Christ consciousness, creating an enormous ripple
  • A geometric structure was created to set a point where earth could fall no further – the 3rd dimension
  • This happened before the earth was in its physical form; as it fell it became more dense
  • The early aspects of Lemuria were light beings, it wasn’t physical; they were a forerunner of you
  • In 2003, a new Ray of creation was created with a new element – the love that humanity held for itself
  • It is reversing the distortions and mutations; this is affecting all of the universe
  • The potential prophesied catastrophes of the year 2000 were averted, a new energetic was introduced
  • The Christed light was anchored into the earth on 11-11-11 and is now reflected back to humanity
  • There are creative possibilities that have never been present before


Q&A Track 1 (43:58)


  1. Did the solar flare that just happened have a great effect on our consciousness?
  2. Can you expand on the 11 Christed planets that are apart from earth?
  3. Is the shift connected with the end of the Mayan calendar?
  4. Could you explain how/if the fall is related to the biblical story of mankind’s fall?
  5. How does Sananda fit into where we are right now in this unified field?
  6. Were the other planets consciously assisting us during the harmonic convergence?
  7. Where does Atlantis fit into the story of the fall?
  8. What is the significance of the gatherings on 12-12-12?


Q&A Track 2 (35:41)


  1. Will we interact with the other 11 planets, and are they a part of our ascension process?
  2. Please talk about the physical symptoms that come up as who we are not is leaving.
  3. How does the pink diamond in our heart correlate with the earth?
  4. If one sees something ugly, how can you tell if you are in denial or staying on your side of the rose?
  5. What are the specific intents of those of us born in the 1950s?
  6. How would you define collective consciousness and its different levels?
The Fall of Consciousness, Complete Lecture
The Fall of Consciousness, Q&A Track 1
The Fall of Consciousness, Q&A Track 2